GGL Division Update

Posted: June 12, 2011 by Eric 'junegore' Baumgardner in Team News
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After 3 weeks in the current GGL season, myself as well the rest of the team has realized that we have been stuck in a horrid division.

Opening games of this season, both teams we were supposed to play no showed. The second week we were short a team mate and had to use our newly acquired sub that thanks to the previous weeks no shows was fresh to the GGL. We played what seems to be the only team so far in our division that has interest in playing, Rising Stars. Needless to say we were slaughtered 5-0 and never have had a chance to recover due to the second team The Beasts not showing.

This takes us to our third week. Where once again, both teams we were scheduled to play decided to no show. The Striking Lions and Grifted did not show after we had previously talked with both teams and neither came to play. We waited it out till after midnight just to close another week down with no play time.

As it stands we have been scheduled to play 6 games and played one. We have been able to gain no achievables as well as no court time in the current season. If this post seems like me complaining, it’s because I am. If these teams had no intention of coming through then why bother to sign up. In my opinion if these teams have not played any of their games so far then why keep them in the league? Even though I had a blast playing GGL last season, I must say at this point I’m starting not to care.

Team Tiger Blood, Striking Lions and The Beasts have not shown for any of our games and if things seems to keep taking the same course of action I see no reason to continue in the GGL. Myself as the rest of the team take this time on weekly game nights to play these games and for things like this to happen, I’m not sure it’s worth me taking my valued time to be stood up every night.


GGL Update

Posted: May 23, 2011 by Eric 'junegore' Baumgardner in Team News

The Divisions were recently announced for the upcoming season of the GGL. We will be playing in Division 9 on Friday nights. Below is a list of all the teams in Division 9. We look forward to playing them all. For more information on the rest of the Devisions this year, check out GrifBallHub.

Apocalyptic Flamingos
Striking Lions
The Beasts
Team Tigerblood
Rising Stars

Team Update: We’re Back!

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Eric 'junegore' Baumgardner in Team News

That’s right, we have returned! The dark clouds that shadowed our team are starting to clear and the light only goes to show our team in a better state than we have ever been in our short history.

GGL sign ups are just around the corner and we are more than willing to put our names in the hat. We have restructured our team set up and positions and are ready for any challenge that will be thrown our way. I’m also proud to say that when we play our first game in this year in the GGL it will indeed be with our original roster. Myself, bdar5k, DelineatedTheo and our Capitan ChainerCygnus. In the middle of last season we added an amazing Tank to our team in Faction. Faction is still a vital part of this team, but will not join us till later in the season. We have also added a new Alternate Tank. xDFx Skeletor has been added to the roster as a strong secondary Tank. We look forward to starting some games with him by our side.

We will get a chance to, excuse the pun spread our wings before the GGL starts. We will play our first competitive game this Friday in a Vanilla Tournament. It’s a good chance to get back in a competitive mode for what is in front of us. Hopefully if ll goes well, we will finally get our chance to see what we can do in the next AGLA season. Hope to see you around!

When it rains it pours

Posted: April 9, 2011 by Eric 'junegore' Baumgardner in Team News

Since we had such an amazing starting season in the GGL we were really excited to make our debut in the AGLA. Bottom line was we have been doomed since the GGL Playoffs.

We all, no matter what we said felt like we were placed in an awkward situation in our playoff game. It was a bad day for us to do it, but due to it being the time available we were forced. Eventually, we just for-fitted and took it as a lesson and moved on. Little did we know we could not move forward because our bad luck was not close to an end. After losing one team mate already and being forced to lose and event we felt like we may have had a shot at, we are sad to announce that we have lost yet another team mate for an undisclosed amount of time. This in the middle of the second week of the AGLA.

X, our sub took a stand to make sure we would still make a presence, but after much deliberation we have decided to pull out of the AGLA. When we cam into this whole GrifBall idea we knew we had one thing that we could depend on. That was our strength as a team. We knew each other and knew we could be strong as a team even in the most stressful situations we could always depend on each other. It does not make sense to me to continue on with some and go deeper in if we don’t even have the one thing that we could depend on just a few months ago.

So the plan is simple. Gain Delineated back as a Hybrid Runner. Await to hear Factions situation as coming back to the team as one of our best Tanks. get X comfortable with how we play and get him up to speed on all of our game plans. Come back to the GGL in May and show ourselves that no set back it too big for us to handle. We will be making some changes around here the closer the new season of GGL gets and you can expect more information on new team mates and old team mates returning. The Flamingos play Grif Matchmaking every night and if you’re reading this, and you feel like you want to play us, please send us a message. We are always willing to play.

The 4-1-1

Posted: March 18, 2011 by Bryce Jenkins in Team News

So a lot has happened since I last sat down and wrote a bit on here. We toppled Team IDGF, handing them their first defeat of the regular season, and securing us a place in the Playoffs. However we were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. Making it that far was a big deal to us, coming from the start we had to proving our strength. We may be out, but we are not done. We will be back for the AGLA SL11, and hopefully many more seasons after that.

Not much else to put here, just wanted to get that out there. Updates here will likely be sparse for the time being, as we are between seasons and working on other projects. The Comic is shelved for the time being, as I am unsure where I wanted to take it and don’t want to just put garbage out. So yeah. That’s that. Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words.

GGL Highlight Reel: Week 5

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Bryce Jenkins in GrifBall Footage, Team News

The Apocalyptic Flamingos made their Highlight Reel debut with 2 clips in the opening of the GGL Week 5 Highlight video. Check it out below.

Be sure to check out GrifballHub for more.